Building a successful online marketing strategy is just like building anything – it starts with a solid foundation. The Tech Gurus can help you understand the three basics of online marketing, and apply them to your business:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing


Knowing what each facet does for your website isn’t enough. As many people discovered after the recent Google updates, applying even well established marketing techniques incorrectly way could hurt your ranking. To maximise their benefits, we can help you to understand their shortcomings.

Search Engine Optimisation

When people think of online marketing and the search engines, SEO is usually the first thing that comes to mind. SEO is used to create a site that the search engines will rank as one of the most relevant pages for a given term. The fact is, 95 percent of searchers click on a page that appears on the first page results for Google, Yahoo! Or Bing.

Building a solid SEO strategy consists primarily of selecting relevant keywords and providing valuable content related to those keywords. In the past, SEO was driven by factors like keyword placement, keywords density, and even how many times a keyword was used to link to that page.

But the search engines quickly discovered that keywords could be easily manipulated. A page that had nothing to do with a keyword could be ranked in top three, just by optimising the page. Today, this means that sites who rely solely on keywords are often ignored by the search engines.

Instead, SEO should include:

  • Relevant Keywords
  • Valuable Content that is Shared
  • A Website that Loads Quickly
  • Both Images & Content
  • Backlinks from Respected Websites


THE TECH GURUS are here to help maximise your sites potential!


Content Marketing

Content marketing is important because it helps build your brand and inspire confidence in your company. In fact, six out of ten consumers say that after reading a custom publication, they feel better about the company.

Online content marketing has expanded the field to include blogs, training videos, podcasts, and even video games. But like every other online strategy, content marketing has its downsides. Low quality content is the most common mistake and can affect your rankings and damage your brand.

The Tech Gurus will advise that the content you put on your site might be the first impression a prospective client gets of your company, and will help you to get it right for your website.

Social Media Marketing

For some, social media is nothing more than a way to stay in touch with old friends. But for businesses, social media is a way to tie SEO and content marketing together. Search engines take into consideration the number of shares a page receives when it ranks that particular piece of content.

Social media is also quickly becoming the primary way content is shared. Sites like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook all allow consumers to share valuable content with others in their network. As people are more likely to trust content shared from people they know, so a share is akin to a 5 star rating! The Tech Gurus can help you improve your Social rakings and gain you valuable ‘Likes ‘and build engagement to your site.

In order to make the most of a social media marketing strategy, The Tech Gurus can help you to interact with your fans and create a true community. 


Our marketing team can also design Brochures / Logos / Flyers / Banners / Posters / Stationeries and Presentation Folders.  We also do Flash Animation / 3D Design and even bespoke Power Point Presentation slides.